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Sheppey Leisure Centre Off the Broadway, Royal Road Sheerness Kent ME12 1HH

"A Professional Club run by Enthusiasts”

Contact 01795 876567 (H) or Leisure Centre 01995 668061 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Club

The club has produced over 155 black belt students, several of which are now 5th Dan Instructors. Sensei Arthur Wallace Chief Instructor 7th Dan SKC is assisted by his wife Frances 6th Dan, Steph Cornford 4th Dan, Sam & Ella Bootes 3rd Dans and several 2nd Dan Instructors. All the teaching staff are registered as KSKC Instructors and CRB cleared to teach young children. Many parents have asked Arthur and Frances what motivates them to spend so much time and energy teaching children. Their answer is simple “Early on we decided what kind of karate club we would like to run.

Our primary objective was to produce over a hundred good quality Black Belts, a strategy underpinned by following several aims, namely to:

  • Create a friendly atmosphere where families would feel safe training together.
  • Produce a strict but fair code of conduct for all its members.
  • Balance the training needs of the student buy using traditional and modern methods of teaching.

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Profile: Sensei Arthur Wallace

Arthur Wallace is the Chief Instructor of the Sheppey Karate Clubs, a group that has now expanded to over 4 clubs that operate on the Isle of Sheppey. He started training in karate in 1968 at the Rochdale Karate Club under Mike Toze 7th Dan KUGB and gained his kyu grades under Enoeda Sensei. He moved to Kent in 1971, where he continued his training under Ray Fuller 8th Dan chief instructor of the Thames Karate Clubs. Sensei Wallace was responsible for introducing karate to Sheppey and opened his own Dojo in May 1974. Later that year he was awarded his black belt by Kensuke Enoeda 9th Dan (KUGB’s chief instructor). He achieved his 5th Dan Black Belt, under the Thames Grading Panel in 1993 and was awarded his 7th Dan in 2014 by the English Karate Governing Board on recommendation from the Kent Shotokan Karate Clubs.  He is also a 1st Dan black belt in Judo and adept with Kobudo (weaponry) I.e.. Sai (short swords) and Rokushu-bo (6 ft staff).

Arthur had a successful professional career as a prison Governor and has now retired to pursue the running of several clubs on the Island. The management skills he developed in the service has greatly enhanced his expertise in running the club in a professional and cost effective manner. The benefits of which, can be clearly demonstrated by the clubs durability and sustained high standards. All three of Arthur and Frances children are former students having achieved their 2nd Dan black belt status.

Sheppey Karate Clubs Events

  • Thur  11th Oct Clubs Grading 2018
  • Mon 22nd Oct Schools Shut for Week
  • Mon 5th Nov General Kata Course
  • Mon 19th Nov Clubs Autumn Tournament
  • Mon 3rd Dec Merit Badge Awards
  • Mon 17th Dec Student of the Year Awards (last class 2018
  • Thur 3rd Jan Sheerness Dojo Open (First Class 2018)
  • Mon 7th Jan School Dojo's Open 2018
  • Mon 14th Jan Enrolment Week
  • Thur 17th Jan Clubs Grading 2019
  • Mon 4th Feb General Kata Course
  • Mon 18th Feb SKC & School Dojo’s Shut No Classes
  • Mon 25th Feb  Clubs Tournament
  • Thur 21st Mar Merit Badge Awards
  • Mon 1st April Enrolment Week
  • Thur 4th April Club grading 2019
  • Mon 8th April Easter Holidays Schools Shut
  • Mon 22nd April Easter Monday No classes
  • Mon 29th April General Kata Course
  • Mon 6th May Bank Holiday Monday (No Classes)
  • Mon 13th May Clubs Tournament
  • Thur 23rd May Merit Badge Awards
  • Mon 27th May Bank Holidays.  All Dojo's closed
  • Mon 23rd June Enrolment week
  • Thur 27th Jun Clubs Grading 2019
  • Mon 7th July General Kata Course
  • Mon 21st July Clubs Tournament
  • Thur 15th Aug Merit Badge Awards


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