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Hempstead Jnr School, Birch Grove Hempstead, Gillingham, Kent. ME7 3SD

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This club has been established for over 22 years, and runs four lessons on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. All our pupils and Instructors use Hempstead dojo and Lordswood dojo to train on four evenings of the week, receiving quality instruction from the most senior instructor of the K.S.K.C Sensei Glen Wright 7th Dan.

We maintain the quality and loyalty that makes our club stand out from other groups. Our Instructors are loyal and trained to the highest standard possible, fullfilling the needs of all our pupils. All Instructors have been taught by Sensei Glen Wright 6th Dan.

Our club follows traditional karate ways, our style of karate is shotokan, which enables us to enjoy basics, combinations, kata and freestyle.

We offer advanced levels as well as kata applications using your imagination to create at some time your own way, as to keep your mind and body alert. When new members come along, we normally give a one to one session, helping the pupil to settle in and not just be thrown into a lesson just expecting to cope, thus knocking their confidence. Once they have been assessed we introduce them into normal classes. All our lessons are varied, giving all grades the chance to learn basic and advanced techniques. Some lessons are where you have to respond to a fast moving technique or application, thus building a sense of awareness. You will become much more felixable which will allow your body to move without straining. Strength building and power are a good way to build up your cardio fitness levels.

We run a pay weekly structure or monthly, we let you decide as you are responsible for your own finances. Now come along and see how enthusiastic our Instructors are and how much they enjoy their teaching.

Sensei Glen Wright, 7th Dan

Sensei Glen Wright has been involved in all areas of sport, sports pshchology, self defence training, teaching motivational skills for the past 35 years. In order to gain my present grade 7th Dan Black Belt in shotokan karate, I have had to work extremly hard not only in the fitness side of sport but in focusing and control of the mind and body, I trained with the British team captain and Professor Enoeda for a period of time in my ealier years which give me the inital drive to succeed where possibly others have failed and spent the last 30 years sharing experiences and achievements with others in the hope that i could pass on 'The way' to those who have not been as fortunate as myself.

I have given many lectures to business's, colleges, schools and sporting clubs. I teach Self defence throughout the week to Security, and in secondary schools. I teach every night of the week in our clubs. I am the Chief Instructor of the Kent Shotokan Karate clubs and I am the senior Instructor on Grading panels.

My qualifications that I have are:


KSKC 7th Dan Award


Huge congratulations to those who gained a new grade on Saturday.  The enthusiasm and spirit from the junior Kyu grades was immense.  Our pupils continued to display the high standards set by the group.

A number of Dan grades were awarded on the day, Special congratulations go to Fraser Cassell, Ellis Coughan, Ewan Cracker, Lewis Fox, Michael Freeman, Alex May and Chloe Startup who gained 1st Dans and Adam Bucklee, Jake Jenner and Luke Sandys who achieved 2nd Dans.

The day was made extra special by a surprise award… Our very own chief Instructor Sensei Glen Wright was awarded his 7th Dan.

A number of instructors & officials travelled to witness the presentation and for that we are grateful, thank you.  A speech was make by Sensei Arthur Wallace, from which the below quotes have been taken.

“We are here to celebrate a karate career that has spanned a number of decades, we have watched the rising star take on a daunting task of running and upholding an association against competition from many larger ones in the southeast, and the KSKC is one of the best organisations I have ever been involved in. It is time we made you a higher grade, we have decided you need to get your 7th Dan. It is unanimously decided that this is the way forward for the KSKC. The KSKC upholds and maintains ridged standards and this is no light offering that we are giving you Glen. As Ray Fuller would say (an old Sensei that’s gone) you don’t want to go any higher as that means you’re going to die. So we will stick with the 7th Dan”.

Sensei was presented with a certificate & an embroidered Black Belt

The KSKC is proud to have our Sensei hold this achievement……On behalf of every one of us, well done Sensei Wright.

Sharon Vulgar 3rd Dan.